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Artist Statement

Both writing and photography have been passions and self-expression outlets from a young age. Within the "bounds" of writing, I am able to express my inner thoughts and paint a picture in the reader's mind's eye. However, with photography I am able to express my innermost attractions and emotions, often times through symmetrical and abstract perspectives.


Each captured fractal has a story to tell: many of these images came from my travels, home town, and sporadic experiences. I was born and raised in downtown Chicago hence why the city album is saturated with skylines and architecture shots. The nature album features scapes from various hiking trips and displays my love of mountains. The black and white album portrays the intense dynamic of a colorless interaction and my fascination with the pre-colorized photography era. The still life shots feature absurd art and angles. Macro showcases the details that represent the big picture, and the animal genre is just fun!


All in all, these six genres represent who I am as a person, the things I cherish, and the hidden gems around us. When you look at these photos, I hope you feel calm, loved, joyous, encouraged, supported, empowered, and at peace. May these photographs transcend all misgivings and refresh your heart, mind, and soul. 

City Scapes







Black and White
Animal Portraits


Still Life