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Advertising: Like Diamonds

Metaphorical Essay

Author: Elizabeth Korda

Advertising Foundations: Fall 2019

The process of refining diamonds has always fascinated me. Taking a piece of unpolished carbon, patiently uncovering the layers of earthly sediments, and carving it into a multi-faceted element is an intricate process. Similarly, brainstorming, researching, creating, nurturing, and refining delivers a congruent result in advertising. Like the many facets of this gem, this medium also possesses many aspects, which transmit information through visual and verbal modes.  Advertising, therefore, is the creative initiation of action directed toward a certain audience and executed within the appropriate medium in order to effectively reach that audience. 

With this in mind, there is no doubt that advertising requires creative input for a creative output. However, among artistic tendencies, there has to exist a determination and desire of engagement. If the creator does not possess these approach-related emotions at first, the process of advertising will certainly propel him in the right direction of thought. Once the creator has researched and deeply analyzed what he needs to deliver and to whom, then the matter of how will, eventually, unravel. 

According to David Ogilvy, advertising is “a medium of information.” After an idea is born it must be nurtured and refined until it is ready for distribution. Separating the dirt and greasing the diamond is comparable to building on an idea and carefully shaping it in order to attract and engage the intended audience. As mentioned before, engagement is key. Without this crucial quality, the creator has simply developed another abstract art, rather than a medium that exudes significant information. 

While the creation of compelling and moving mediums is important, the mode of transmitting this information is crucial and is dependent on the product and its audience. Like the multi-facets of a diamond, advertising possesses many outlets which disseminate its content and message. Once an idea has been refined and the audience group confirmed, the next step involved is the utilization of the appropriate channel of communication. In advertising, there are five categories of medium types: “print advertising, broadcast advertising, outdoor advertising, digital advertising, and product/brand integration.” When the advertisement is almost ready for transmission, an objective evaluation must take place. The creator should ask himself if his content informs, persuades, and reminds the audience in both a verbal and visual capacity. 

While the only locations to mine are our minds and the vast sea of knowledge (the contributors came before us), we all harbor ideas that start as raw carbon materials and develop into priceless diamonds. In order to advertise effectively, we must practice determination and stay the course of the process. Our creative initiative should be accompanied by an active desire to communicate and engage. Additionally, our audience should respond appropriately if our output speaks to their needs and desires. However, in order to receive any response at all, we must thoroughly consider all the possible effects of our creation and always be one step ahead, improving our process and the selection of the most fit communication channels.

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